David H. Killian Sr. ~ 1948-2012 

Dave's family invites you to share sentiments on his memorial page at http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/denverpost/obituary.aspx?n=david-h-killian&pid=156660548

Thank you all for gathering together to celebrate and remember the life of an incredible human being who deeply touched each of our lives in very unique and personal ways.

We offer our warm welcome and our heartfelt condolences to the Killian Family, to Brenda, Davidís loving wife, to daughter Erin and her husband Seth, to daughter Tamara and her husband Chris and to son David, Jr.

David H. Killian, Sr. was a giant among men. His vision, drive, intellect, imagination and ambition were some of the attributes that made him a success in each of his careers. I will speak of his business life a little later.

Today, we first pay tribute to David Killian the devoted husband, the loving father, and the dear friend. To meet David was to like him. To call him friend was a genuine honor.

Thirty years ago, David and Brenda began their amazing adventure together. They shared a deep love and devotion to each other, they shared a truly funny sense of humor, they shared their love of family, they shared their appreciation of nature, they shared their joy in spoiling their family pets, they shared an understanding and compassion for the animals who coexisted on their land and a deep respect for the gifts of Mother Nature. They shared their hard-working, old-fashioned values and ethics, and they shared their dreams.

David was very proud of his family and he never hesitated or missed an opportunity to tell you that Brenda is such a ďgreat girl.Ē It was obvious that he treasured her deeply and appreciated the serene respite that she created for him in their Evergreen home. He liked to talk about her teaching career and the fact that she has a wonderful rapport with children. He was proud of the fact that though he was more the extrovert and Brenda was more the introvert, they were 1,000% partners in every venture they undertook. He liked to talk about Brendaís skill in shopping and always finding just the right something for the offices, their home, or for an event at school. He said that she amazed him with her knack for spotting things that eventually became a part of something special. David talked about his children with pride. Though he was quite private about their personal lives, his eyes would twinkle when he mentioned their names and spoke of their individual pursuits of their own dreams. David was amused at the fact that he and Brenda have a David and Tamara as do Jack and I. When he spoke of the holidays, he looked forward to the times that the whole family would be together and though it was sometimes difficult, as it is in many families to get everyone together in one place, he looked forward to everyone being together. He said that many times their family did not celebrate holidays on the actual day, but it just extended the season and gave everyone more joy. He talked about the laughter and sharing with each other. Today, we will all have the opportunity to get to know Brenda better and to meet their children and their spouses. It will be nice to know David the husband and father and share our stories and memories with one another.

David Killian could have lived for 100 years and it would not have been enough time to share the laughter, the joys, the achievements, the tears, the stories, the dreams and creations that were a part of this multifaceted and energetic human being who gave so much to so many. David had a way of making every person he knew feel very special and important. No question, suggestion, request or comment went unnoticed by David and he always took the time to truly listen and value what you said.

David did not know a stranger. His circle of friends and acquaintances reached far and wide like the ripple effect on a stone skipping across a still pond. It will be many years before any of us realize the true impact that this amazing man had on so many lives. For myself, in these 18 surreal days since David journeyed home, it has been a rare day that in my daily encounters with other real estate agents, affiliates, or random strangers that someone either knew David or knew of him and each had an endearing story to tell or some history to impart about his impact on his or her life.

David was a man of true compassion. When he knew that a fellow human being was suffering due to illness, trauma, unexpected financial problems, or any situation that was less than what one would consider their desired state, he was the first to extend his hand in friendship. He did not make judgments about others and he refused to engage in idle gossip or to say a negative word about anyone. David had a way of turning negative into positive. He was always able to find positive attributes in every person he knew. And when it was easy to feel protective of David and animosity toward those who seemed bent on hurting or criticizing him, David took the high road and simply defused the negativity by pointing out at least one positive quality in what others may have perceived as his enemy.

A few years back, David faced many challenges while managing the former business with a partner whose management style was vastly different from his own. Those differences reached an inevitable crossroad and when Davidís attempts to buy out his partner failed, he made the painful decision to agree to the sale of the company. For those who have known David a very long time and those who went through the changeover, he put forward a brave face and he carried on with dignity and professionalism. Underneath his bravery, his heart was breaking for the family of agents and friends whom he truly considered his extended family, for he felt he had let them down.

It was not necessary for David and Brenda to re-enter the world of real estate. They could have enjoyed a quiet life on the mountain basking in their serene surroundings enjoying their pets and each other where they would never have to face the stresses and headaches of growing a new business. David and Brenda did not choose to take the easy road. They agreed whole-heartedly to establish a new company, stronger, better, and healthier than the former. They choose to create an environment in which friends both old and new, who also happen to be real estate professionals, would be comfortable, supported and encouraged. They dreamed of a company that could be a home away from home. For David and Brenda, Brokers Guild is so much more than a business. It is a company deeply grounded in integrity and their genuine appreciation of others. Their dream created not only value for the agents, it created an atmosphere where we value each other. It is a company with the spirit of service, honesty, and friendship. When the news of Davidís untimely death began to emerge, everyone pulled together, consoling one another and remembering the good times with David. Truly he left us with his legacy of compassion and friendship.

David was a perfectionist and he and Brenda spent many months planning, shopping, creating just the right logos, just the right font for the signage, just the right mix of old-fashioned values and modern technologies. Though Brenda chooses not to be the public figure David was, their blood, sweat and tears truly went into the establishment of their dream. How many visionaries like David, dreamed their dreams and saw them bloom into reality.

One of Davidís greatest joys was participating in the holiday potlucks at both the east and west offices. He would worry over things being just right and always hopeful that the event would be convenient for and attract most of the agents. His hope was that everyone would have the opportunity to relax together, enjoy some incredible food and celebrate and appreciate the friendships and associations that their careers had created. Brenda baked many turkeys through the years and David always came with more than enough to share with an army of hungry folks. He got himself in a bit of hot water when he failed to remember the beautiful platter of cranberry sauce that Brenda prepared to make a perfect and yummy presentation for the event. We all knew that he would quickly be forgiven with just one twinkle of his eye.

David was an innovator and his mind was forever cooking with new ideas and ways to make things more efficient and easier for everyone. He was unselfish in striving to improve and streamline the everyday workings of the office. He stressed over the automated file management system and felt deeply the echos of pain as the inevitable learning curve reared its ugly head. He knew that once everyone was comfortable, they would really enjoy the freedom that it would bring. At one point, he worried because forgetting passwords seemed to be epidemic and he asked Jack for a suggestion to make things easier on the agents. I offered my suggestion that he provide a charm bracelet for each agent bearing a charm with their individual passwords. Needless to say, David did not find my suggestion worthy enough to adopt. His humor and warm quick wit were always refreshing and he loved to joke and make you laugh. It was just one of his endearing qualities. He knew well that laughter is good medicine.

He loved going to the Realtor Rally even though it meant an early day and an inordinate amount of work setting up and breaking down. For David, it went far beyond the opportunities to meet agents who might have an interest in Brokers Guild. He simply enjoyed meeting people. He liked seeing old friends and visiting with them and he took the time to explore new and interesting tech services offered by vendors. David was always investigating any improved services he could offer the Brokers Guild family.

Thursdays were special in the east office because David always came for the classes. After the training classes and lunch were over, David, Jack and John would sit in the easy chairs and discuss business, laugh, talk and just appreciate one another. They were fondly referred to as the Three Muskateers.

David wore size 11 shoes and we sadly recognize that his shoes can never be filled for he was a unique man who lived his life fully, vigorously, and joyfully. I can not recall one time that David was in a bad mood or too busy for even a short and pleasant exchange of words. I believe that David learned early in life that it is only through service to others that a man can measure his success. David was a man of many successes.

The ache in our hearts at seeing his empty seat at the table, his now quiet desk, and his absence at events at which he will be so sorely missed, are all a part of the grieving process through which we all must pass. David was the kind of man who would ask us to grieve if we must then dry our tears, mend each otherís hearts, pull together, support one another, and carry on the tradition, the energy, and the proud legacy set before us.

David was a humble man who did not seek the limelight. He often stood in the background as an appreciative observer. His quiet and kind manner drew people to him like a magnet. He was not boastful or arrogant rather always ready to empower another to seek his or her best. He never failed to offer a genuine compliment.

Iíd like to say, for those who are not aware, that David passed away from an undetected congenital heart problem. David spent 63 wonderful, productive and joyous years on the planet. Mercifully, the doctors believe that he was asleep when his condition caused his death and he did not suffer in any way but slipped quietly away.

I like to believe that when David realized he was no longer embodied on the planet, he began looking for something he could do to be helpful and productive. I like to think that he negotiated with Saint Peter to redesign the gates of heaven that are very likely due for a major facelift.

It is not goodbye David Ė it is only until later. I believe that we shall all move through life more bravely knowing that you now have our backs from your wonderful new surroundings. Rest well and enjoy your continuing journey our dear friend. We will miss you.

presented by Janet Faubion
April 3, 2012
Brokers Guild East Office